Experimental Treatise

This book offers an original method to prepare for an experience of an energetic influx of a very high level that Jean Dubuis called the “Great Experience”, the “Contact of Eternity” or “The Experience of the Point”. As with his other teachings he aims at the Evolution and the Becoming of the Being in the midst of Nature and of the Universe.

This method of work is accessible to everyone: no laboratory manipulations like in alchemy, no complex rituals like in Qabalah but a simple, methodical and necessarily rigorous work to be achieved at the rhythm of our solar system.


1st Part       The energy in Nature

            Creation - Manifestation

            Creation of The Mineral Tree

            Creation of The Plant Tree

            Creation of The Animal Tree

            Creation of The Tree of Man

                        The Descent

                        The Nadir

                        The Return

            YOD – HE – VAV –HE

2nd Part Towards the great experience

            The Planetary Energies

            The Invisibles Suns

            Fixing the Energy

            The New Tree

            Construction of The Invisible Mansions

            The Great Experience -  The Holy Week


3rd Part After The Great Experience

            The Contacts

            The Symbols (1st Part)

            The Symbols ( 2nd Part)

            And Now .... Let's Take Stock


Two short Extracts

Treatise Presentation               The "New Tree"


The full Treatise