Dis-occulting esoteric knowledge and transmitting it in a spirit of liberty have never ceased to be my preoccupation, either through my lectures and conferences or through the publication of this new work.

My three former lessons on Alchemy, Qabala and Esotericism continue to attract the Student on the path, but always require a specific approach.

The courses of Alchemy, plant (spagiric) and mineral are often considered an elitist path considering the material demands that it requires: which include indoor and outdoor laboratories, costly glassware, products that are sometimes difficult to obtain. These demands are compounded by the necessity of knowledge in physics and chemistry, as well as being somewhat mechanically inclined and creative.

The Qabala course interests a greater number of philosophers in practical experimental work because it requires little space and no costly equipment. However, some sincere students have had some reticence in the practice of rituals. Other people called them lukewarm in their search but the sincerity of the pupil of good will must be understood.

The course I wrote on General Esotericism is concise and extremely dense. My intent was to quickly fill the void on subjects that are supposed to be known by the adept in esotericism. It emphasises the function of symbols and offers exercises in its application. The students of that course have always asked for a follow up.

That is why I have labored here to take these considerations into account, looking for a work method accessible to each. No manipulations in the laboratory or complex rituals are required. This is a simple work, methodical and necessarily rigorous, to be conducted at the rhythm of our solar system.

Having undergone important personal experiences, I have been led to abandon the idea of an already drafted progressive teaching. Under this new light, I structured this treatise in view of the sole preparation towards an experience of very high level, named here the Great Experience, the Contact on Eternity or the Experience of the Point..

I have spontaneously experienced this contact several times. I have tried to understand its mechanism in order to reproduce it. Moreover, I have often noted that there are more people ready to live an inner contact than they are aware of themselves. Some people I have opened up to were able to experience this contact and receive an unforgettable inner enrichment from it.

It also seemed important to me to provide to those that have very little time for esoteric study and its applications when they are quasi “ready”. Often, the failure to recognize the frame under which one must operate deprives them of a certain interior approach.

We can make an analogy, compared to the experience that is proposed here, with what can happen when we are in the Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. Beyond the certain tourist attraction of the site, we can increase its interest when we are aware of the elements that facilitate inner contact in this location. Several elements such as: the Equinox, the hours of influence of the planetary energies, the place and the point of telluric and cosmic resonance on the Mount, etc. If we are informed of the process, we have all the odds of receiving the energizing influx that is freed from this highly initiatory location, placed on the Mercury level. But if we are unaware of that data-and knowing how spontaneous experiences are not that frequent-we would be deprived of the possibility of an already enriching experience on this level.

An experience of a very high level of energetic influx is therefore offered throughout these pages. As in my former writings, this one voluntarily aims towards the Evolution and the Becoming of the Being within Nature and the Universe.

This treatise is designed for the sincere seeker. In other words to the one that unceasingly endeavors to keep his spirit awake, to the one that strives to live in a state of openness of his heart, to the one that does not fear the work to climb the lengthy but fascinating Path of Return.


It is useful to read first the entire treatise before starting its systematic study. Indeed, the Great Experience cannot be easily conducted except at certain times during the year and is conditioned by some preparations. To be ready early enough in the season avoids loosing a year in its unfolding. Besides, it is not excluded that this first exposure through reading might already sensitize the student.

Ora et Labora



Jean Dubuis