The Tree of the Sephiroth has been the referenced as it appears on Figure 4. We prefer, from this treatise forward, the modified representation of the top of the Tree as shown on Figure 27 and on the cover page where the places of the planets have been kept. This tree is the support structure for our meditations in the oratory. We do not reneg the classical Tree as a whole, but it seems to us that the drawing proposed here is more in conformity with the present day structure of the Return in the Tree of Man. This Tree of the Return is the evolutionary Tree of Qabala. We named it: “The New Tree”. We believe it is better adapted to our work and we think that the symbolic harmony that comes from it has a more important initiatory power than the traditional Tree, particularly in our present days when the passage of the Nadir has started. By taking the time to discover this New Tree we will better immerse ourselves in it for the meditations linked to the Great Experience.

In the chapter of the Creation it was stated that the first three levels  : 1 - 2 - 3 do not have a real existence in Unity. Rather these are three different perceptions of Unity from our human consciousness of the Earth. Qabala considers that there are 3 levels in the world of Eternity. Our experiences show us that in this Unitary world there is but Unity in Eternity. The perception of three levels in that part of the Universe comes only from the three different ways our consciousness contacts It.

Christianity, confronted with the inner experiences of its mystics, imagined only one God in three people to interpret the perception of these three contacts. If we are successful in our Great Experience, we will also have the revelation that 1 - 2 - 3 are only One and that this triple aspect is the only possible interpretation for man back on level 10 after this Contact. The modification brought to the drawing of the tree, far from being a misinterpretation, will be a help, or better a support adapted to the meditations of the Experience.

In our representation, we stopped the lateral columns of the Tree on the boundary Duality -Unity; these columns not exist in Unity. Their prolongation in two rejoining arcs symbolizes the fusion of the two aspects of the energy upon return in Unity. In cathedrals these curves are symbolized by the ambulatory and levels 1 et 2 are symbolized by the raised altar.

The lintel symbolizes the boundary Eternity/space-time. In Unity, the fusion of the energies is symbolized by the circle with the point, level 1 which is probably the best symbol of the Contact with Eternity. The circle underneath divided by the vertical line, level 2 symbolizes the experience of Eternity where our consciousness separates the vibrations of the Universe in space-time. The circle including the triangle, level 3 - symbolizes the passage of the infinite, the circle, to the finite, the triangle, and vice versa. It is therefore these 3 functions that can be perceived in the Contact of Eternity.

Saturn placed in the center of the lintel of our New Tree presides over the destiny of Duality. In the traditional Tree of Qabala the energy penetrates in duality by the left pillar, in other words by the Sephirah of Saturn. It is from there that the symbols of the Black Virgin come. In fact, the virgin is the matter that has not yet been used; and she is black because she penetrates in the dark worlds of Duality. In the New Tree, the energy also enter through level 3 of Saturn now located on the middle pillar, which gives a character of symmetry to the energy that will enter in the 2 lateral pillars. It is on the Saturn level that time and space appear.

The « New Tree », because it bears the dynamics of the Return, is this inner support for our meditations.

If we meditate on the symbolism of this New Tree, a central column in us is created which will be the Path of the energies in our Experience. Through the middle pillar the energy of Saturn, Level 3 is transmitted to the Sun, Level 6 Key of the Door to the Temple. Through the opening of this Door the energies of Knowledge are transmitted to the Moon, Level 9 In turn the Moon distributes these to level 10 of Earth. This is therefore the path towards Unity. If the Descent in Duality requires a series of imbalances, the Return towards Eternity happens only through a constant research of balance on the Middle Path. This is one of the reasons of the change to the Tree of Qabala (figure n°4) so that we can attempt to contact Unity, or Eternity.

We gave the name of « PORTÆ LUCIS » to the symbol of the New Tree. It means: DOOR OF THE LIGHT. We hope that the meditation on this symbol will open wide for you this Door already half-opened. It symbolizes the assurance of a greater opening, the opening of the Door of the Temple that undoubtedly leads to the Light of the Invisible Worlds.

Ora et Labora