The Portae Lucis Association is committed to distributing all the work of Jean Dubuis. The French versions were recently reformatted toward that end. The English translations have never been reformatted. Please click the doors at the bottom of the page to download the PDF documents.

-   Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge.

-   Qabala.

-   Alchemy : Spagyrics and Mineral.

-   The Experience of Eternity, the last work of Jean Dubuis.


Conditions for obtaining

All documents are downloadable for free, subject to acceptance of non commercial use.

WARNING: The courses that you are about to download represent more than 100 pages of text and are therefore big files. Ensure that you have adequate bandwidth to ensure a “reasonable” download time.



The Portae Lucis Association is dedicated to widely distributing the teachings of Jean Dubuis, thus following the precept of Fama Fraternitatis:  : « You do not sell the gift of God." ».

Texts of Jean Dubuis reissued by the Portae Lucis Association may be freely reproduced by all who wish to use them for their own spiritual advancement. THESE WRITINGS MAY NOT BE USED FOR DOING BUSINESS IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER, either through sales, paid seminars, paid conferences, etc.

The Association reserves the right to legally pursue anyone who violates its copyright or mandate.


Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge


The Experience
of Eternity

Spagyrics & Mineral