Why Portae Lucis ?

Jean Dubuis wanted his teachings to be widely and freely disseminated without any commercial ties or bias. Toward this end, he founded an association with his closest friends. Posthumously this association was renamed "Portae Lucis", the name Jean Dubuis gave to his new representation of the Tree of the Sephiroth.


This association Portae Lucis, governed by the law of 1901 in France, was created in 2004 and its statutes were deposited at the Paris Prefecture. Its founders were given the mission to widely and freely distribute the teachings of Jean Dubuis, and the Association only accepts members who contribute to the fulfillment of this mission.


Portae Lucis thanks Jean-Marc Font for his commitment and for the importance of his work in spreading the writings of Jean Dubuis. His knowledge was essential for the establishment of this site and its contents.

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